An accounting proposal letter draws attention to the accounting abilities of a person who is enthusiastic about joining a company as an accountant or wants to take up a contract on accounting. It must give a detailed layout of the experiences and focal points to catch the attention of the employer or client. Since it is a very important document as far as giving the accounting responsibilities of the company is concerned, a reliable and efficient person is highly required to do the job. The details of the applicant must be accurately covered in the letter to keep the option of a response from the company open.

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Sample Accounting Proposal Letter

Accounting Proposal Letter

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Ashton Butcher


Geneva Consultancy Firm

5, Wood Street, Edinburg                                                                 Date: 3rd, January, 2011

Subject: Proposal for taking up the accounting task with respect to the company’s financial events for a valid time period

Dear Sir,

I am a qualified accountant with a degree of accounting and finance management from a reputed training school and a certificate from a successful business firm. With all the training and experiences I have gained, I am sure that I will meet the requirements of your company and will be able to take up the work of accounting your business successfully. My area of proficiency mainly includes financial strategy development, resolution of finance issues and integration of financial data for practical purposes.

I would expect you to go through my resume (enclosed here) once and strike up an appointment to discuss my expertise in detail to take your final (accounting) decision.

Yours faithfully,

Tom McGuire