An advertising agency proposal is a cleverly crafted plan of showcasing a specific product – a good or a service carrying a distinct brand name to the advertising agency to popularize it to the targeted band of customers. The responsibility of the advertising agency in this proposal would be to make the brand much more visible through various platforms. The marketing strategy would be determined by the advertising agency stressing on the specific features of the product. The concerned company strikes a chord of financial benefit with the advertising agency.

Sample Advertising Agency Proposal

Name of the company: Red-rock Entertainment Corporation

Address of the Head Office: 64Q / 47 Richmond Street, Philadelphia, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. George Wright

Estimated cost of the proposal incorporation: $ 20,000

The main work details of the advertising agency proposal:

  • Ascertaining the features of the branded services of the company.
  • Incorporating the notion of a distinct brand value in the marketing framework.
  • Focusing on the top 3 advertising agencies and then selecting the one with the most efficient records in the last business quarter.
  • Monitoring the execution of the marketing assignment by the advertising agency on various media platforms from websites to magazines to television and newspapers.

The primary objectives of the advertising agency proposal:

  • Establishing a mutually beneficial relation with the advertising agency with commercial perspectives with a social face.
  • Creation of a new clientele base and at the same time maintaining the old customers.
  • Increasing the sales revenue by at least 10% in the coming quarter.

Signature of the proposal manager: Mrs. Dorothy Watts