An advertising company proposal is an intelligent document that portrays the brand name of a company or product and presents a favourable image of the concerned organization through the efficient publicity done by some renowned advertising company. The proposal is framed by the organization or firm whose product(s) or service(s) are to be advertised for greater sales and reaching out to prospective clients. The document is submitted to an advertising company who would be paid to decide on the most suitable advertisement layout and its presentation details to achieve the targets set by the respective organization.

Sample Advertising Company Proposal:

Name of the organization: M/s James Textiles

Address: 96 – B/ II, Lenin Street, New York

Proposal designed by: Mr. Fredrick Hobbes

Executive Director

M/s James Textiles

Proposal to be submitted to: George Advertising Company

Address: 8, Park Avenue, New York

Estimated costs for proposal assimilation: $45000

Purpose of the advertising company proposal:

  • To publicize the launch of the new product and also highlight the company figure by detailing its achievements.
  • To reach out to newer clients without compromising with the demands of the existing ones, thereby satisfying both groups.
  • To earn larger market shares and increase sales by a minimum of 15%.

Details of the work procedure:

  • Outlining the details of the product and presenting the company’s image relevantly.
  • Integrating ideas for featuring the company as one of the top brands operating in the market, including all factual details.
  • Conducting a thorough research of the advertising companies and finally selecting the one that seems to be the most favourable, in terms of finance as well as business-making.
  • Evaluating proposal details and prospects to check the execution of the advertisement details by the concerned advertising company and through various sources of media – audio, visual, and print.