An advertising sponsorship proposal is a proposal which is framed by an advertising company and is sent to another company or brand, inviting it for becoming the advertising sponsor. The advertising company creates or develops a fully detailed proposal which the other company can either accept or reject by deciding whether or not the proposal is beneficial for it.

Some details which are mentioned in such a proposal are advertising cost, advertisement medium and the manner in which advertisements will be displayed. For your reference, a sample of an advertising sponsorship proposal is given below.

Sample Advertising Sponsorship Proposal

Name of advertising company: XYZ Advertising Company limited

Official address: A-89, second floor, Modern tower, Jackson Street, London

Contact number: 437508305

Name of company head: Jackson Mathews

Proposal prepared by: Timothy Garner

Vice President, Jackson Mathews

Proposal submitted on: 4th April 2014

Proposal submitted to: Jessica Simpson

Chairman, Simpson Ice Cream

Proposal statement:

XYZ Advertising Company is the official advertising partner of Billy Jones Production house which airs TV Shows in UK. We propose you to advertise your company during the commercial breaks of these TV shows. We shall be airing one TV Advertisement each during each of the shows, which means 6 commercials per day.

Proposal details:

  • We are interested in joining hands with some popular brands in London and you qualify as one of them.
  • You would need to spend a total amount of $5000 for 6 commercials per day. Each of these commercials must not be more than 30 seconds long.
  • If you wish to get a commercial made, we can refer you some partner companies.
  • Your brand visibility is expected to increase with TV commercials, aired between the duration of some of the best TV shows on MGM TV Network.
  • If you agree, kindly send a signed copy of this proposal with your consent.