The affiliate marketing proposal is one where the hired company or group of marketers has to create a marketing plan for the employer company’s products. Here, the company that produces the products or services is not involved in the marketing and sales but hires experts to do it for them. This marketing proposal and its subsequent implementation require a certain amount of commission to be received by the hired company. The proposal is to concentrate solely on the market analysis, strategies and the probable profit to be received. The affiliate marketing proposal needs to be comprehensive and created after receiving proper company feedback.

Sample Affiliate Marketing Proposal

Company Name: Toys R Us

Product: Model Clay Creations

Marketing Company: WE SELL Co.

Proposal Summary:

Purpose: Toys R Us has hired WE SELL Co for creating a profitable marketing strategy for selling their new Model Clay Creations product.

Market Analysis:

  • Target Market: Children below the age of 11.
  • Market Share: 34%.
  • Response from market survey: 66% positive.
  • Competition: Controls 45% of the children products market.
  • Profitability Potential: 55%.

Market Strategy:

  • Create an elaborate advertisement using leading media forms to gauge favorability.
  • Distribute products to metropolitan children stores.
  • Provide free trials and exciting prize offers for the first 120 purchases in each store.

Exit Strategy:

  • Only 15 stores will be targeted for distribution for the first 3 months.
  • From the total budget of $2 million, $95,000 has been stored for any loss in the first 3 months.


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