The agency contract proposal is a document that highlights certain proposals between the vendor and the agent. The proposal enables the use of vendor technology by the agent and allows it to be marketed to target customers. The agency contract proposal is a formal document and needs to be presented with organization and business-like precision.

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Sample Agency Contract Proposal

Agency Contract Proposal

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Name of the Agency making the Contract Proposal: Fosters Users Pvt. Ltd

Date of submission of Agency Contract Proposal: 23rd September, 2011

Name of Vendor Company for which the said proposal is being made: Drillers Association Pvt. Ltd.

Overview of the Agency Contract Proposal:

  • The latest innovation in drills needs to be incorporated so that it could be used extensively for building purposes. We ensure that these drills are developed and according to the niche of the current market.
  • All rights pertaining to the equipment will remain with the Vendor Company. We will only be responsible for the supplying of this equipment.
  • The total cost of supplying drills will be roughly around $5 million USD.
  • A thorough report on marketing sales will be made regularly to keep you updated about the selling of the equipment.
  • A separate fee will be charged for supplying services and this will be dependent on the amount of drills supplied at the completion of this contract.

Kindly accept the proposal within 3rd October 2011. We hope it would be satisfactory and this will mark the beginning of a long and fruitful business relationship.