An alternative education proposal is a document which outlines the manner in which an alternative education system will be established or the way in which an existing educational system can factor in some changes. It is a crucial document and the proposed changes must be viable, practical and reasonable as well as being cost effective.

Sample Alternative Education Proposal

Name of agency preparing the alternative education proposal: Education Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Educational body commissioning the report: Secondary Education Board, Ministry of Education, Govt. of United States.

Date of submission of the alternative education proposal: 1st July 2011

Alternative education proposal prepared by: Jason Thomas, noted proponent of reforms in the education system and also an internationally renowned academic, Sarah Culver, Theoretician and professor at MIT, and Diana Ross, former vice principle, Green Park High School.

Nature of proposal:

  • The alternative education proposal is a document which will herald a new era in the education system of our country.
  • We are rooting for a total revamp of existing systems instead of proposing small changes that are ineffective in addressing the major issues.
  • We are calling for the abolition of all examinations till Standard Ten, as well as adoption of new and innovative means of imparting education to students.

We hope that technology and its benefits will be embraced by all schools, like the use of Av in teaching. Special funds will be earmarked by the government for such projects and will be issued to schools based on track record and ease in adaptability. Please check the overleaf document for more details of the alternative education proposal.

Download Alternative Education Proposal