An amazing romantic proposal is one which coveys heartfelt emotions and feelings of love. It must be subtle and emotive. An amazing romantic proposal must be just that, amazing and out of this world. It should induce feelings of excitement and exhilaration. Every effort should be made to make an amazing romantic proposal wonderful.

Sample Amazing Romantic Proposal

Dearest Jane,

I love you, can you believe it? I am so overjoyed! I hope you will reciprocate my feelings and emotions. I am absolutely head over heels in love with you. I can’t stop gushing about you. Your amazing personality, your captivating looks, your awesome intelligence all combined to make you the one. I love you, and I cannot restrain myself from saying that over and over again. I hope we can create something lasting from this point onwards. I see an amazing future for us. I can see us, to borrow the clichéd term, moving off into the sunset. I am sorry, I just cannot help myself.

I want to reassure you that my feelings are sincere. I will do everything to protect you. I hope you will realize that you are the most precious person in my life. There will be many questions in your mind and I can only promise to answer them to the best of my abilities. However, nothing can stop my feelings for you. I have no words to describe the joy that fills my heart when I see you, or talk to you. You mean the world to me.



Date: 1st July 2011