An animation project proposal, as the name clearly implies, is a document that proposes the various aspects of an animation project that is to be undertaken for a purpose that may be recreational, educational or something purely technical. A project on animation involves a wide range of technologies and hence the proposal needs to be accurate and lucidly presented.

Sample Animation Project Proposal

Name of the project: Children’s Animation Work for Learning.

Organization undertaking the project: IntelCore Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal signed by: Mr. Sam Richards

Marketing Head

IntelCore Pvt. Ltd.

Date of proposal: 17th August, 2011


The basic purpose of the proposal is to provide a clear outline of the project, which is planned to be designed in a way to educate children about the various social norms and ethics, through playful viewing. The main theme of this particular project has been decided to be based on an epic which most children find tiresome to read. Hence it would serve as a means to provide them the necessary idea with a less serious approach, through animated objects and figures.

Technical overview of the project:

This animation project would require both 2D as well as 3D tools for proper design and functioning. It will have an extensive experimental base wherein there will be enough scope to work on various objects such as the scaling of the background, its lighting and the shadow effects. While the Google will provide comprehensive research materials for the project, we will also make use of the Photoshop and software such as Java2D and Java3D. These would serve to render perfect animation in collaboration with the processing of images.

Budget: $585000

Interested individuals are requested to contact at the earliest, as work for the project will start from 5th November, 2011.

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