An audit proposal is a type of financial proposal whereby one tries to convince a company or the management that audit is necessary. Audit is important for maintaining the sound operations of the company and before the proposal is made, one must identify the process or processes you want to audit which are crucial to the business operations. The proposal must describe the reason why an audit will be beneficial to the company, it must include what kind of information the audit will provide, a timeline must be given, a projection and estimate of costs must be included and the proposal must be related to the goals of the company.

Sample Audit Proposal:

Name of company: Williamson Garments Inc

Address: 32 Nathan Drive, Oakland

Audit proposal prepared on: February 12, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Danny Rogers

Sales Manager, Williamson Garments Inc

Proposal submitted to: Arthur Giles

Manager, Williamson Garments Inc

Proposal submitted on: February 14, 2012

Proposal name: Audit of sales process

Purpose: The primary purpose of creating this proposal is to make an assessment of the sales process in order to improve the structure of their sales and the sales strategies

Details of Audit Proposal:

  • A meeting will be held between the management and staff members of the sales department
  • Sales plans, both past and present, will be studied and their impact towards achieving the company goals will be analysed
  • The finance department and the HR department will also submit their reports which will be studied by the auditor
  • The staff members’ responses regarding their knowledge of customers will be studied.