Australia’s most romantic proposal is the proposal made in the most romantic and influential manner in Australia. The most romantic proposal requires a lot of creativity and commitment to make your loved one feel on the top of the world. To impress the partner some people jump from thousands of feet, some book an auditorium, some arrange proposal in the air, some select a 5-star hotel dinner.

There are various ways of proposing in Australia and one tries to put in their best efforts to make the day very special. Recently in Australia a man proposed his date by using a game in the iPhone which directed her to visit various places they had been visiting together in last 3 years, and at the end in the dinner party he finally proposed her. It took 3 years to develop that game. But it was the touchiest and high-end proposal recently made in Australia.

Sample Australia’s most romantic proposal:


Melody Rodger

E-203, Green Park Street



Dear Melody,

Last three years have been a great journey with you and I wrote this hidden message only after 6 months of our meeting. Since beginning I had this feeling that you will be the love of my life. But it took me complete three years to gather the courage to propose you in this unique and romantic way. You have changed my entire life and I feel incomplete with you. I cannot imagine my life without you: will you please marry me?

Lovingly Yours,

John Parade

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