A basic project proposal is a document which outlines the plans of conceptualizing, implementing or executing a basic project. It is a document composed in the initial stages of planning and organization and contains all the necessary information. A basic project proposal must be precise and comprehensive.

Sample Basic Project Proposal

Name of basic project: Proposal for a Central Auditorium

Proposal submitted by: New York State University

Date of submission of the basic project proposal: 23rd June 2011

Purpose of proposal:

  • This proposal for a central auditorium in our campus has an estimated cost of $3000000. The purpose of the proposal is to seek grants from all agencies that we know will consider our proposal.
  • It is also a blueprint for the plans for a central auditorium. It will serve as a reference point for the project.

Need for a new central auditorium:

  • The existing auditorium in our campus was built in 1934 and thus is not equipped to deal with increased traffic of students and staff members. It is built on a pattern that does not allow easily for modern wiring needs.
  • The central auditorium will be significantly larger with a holding capacity of 50000 students. It will be state of the art with an orchestral space as well.
  • It will also have superior lighting and acoustic systems as well as fire proof wiring which will increase safety of our students.

The architectural plan for the new central auditorium, along with drawings to scale of the building, and a break up of finances is attached along with this abstract. We hope to hear from you soon,

Thanking you,

Jason Mulholland

New York State University

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