A beautiful love proposal refers to a proposal one makes to one’s beloved expressing his or her romantic feelings towards that person and proposing that he wants to start a relationship. A love proposal must be written according to the likes and dislikes of the receiver so that there are greater chances of her liking the proposal. Use your creativity and be yourself and whenever you write something from the heart, the love proposal naturally becomes beautiful. It expresses your deepest feelings and shows why you love someone. A beautiful love proposal makes a person feel special and important. While writing the proposal, make sure to mention why that person is important to you and why you want to have a relationship with him.

Sample Beautiful Love Proposal:


Anna Remington,

930 Anthony Lane,


Dear Anna,

Like the flowers bloom in spring, you presence fills my life with color and fragrance. Like the waves in the ocean move to the shore, my heart yearns to be with you. You are the light in my life, just like the sunshine falls on a leaf after the first rain. I feel you all around me and want to spend even more time with you. Since I have met you I have become a better person and want to make myself worthy of your love. I have mustered up the courage to propose something to you: I love you and would like to be in a relationship with me? It would give me endless joy.

Yours truly,

Josh Adams,

394 Cactus Avenue,


February 17, 2012