A book marketing proposal is a document which outlines, in a clear and concise manner, the plans by which the publicity and marketing of a certain book will be accomplished. Such a proposal can be made by a marketing agency or by the marketing division of the publisher of the book to the author or any concerned body. It must be well researched and specific to be valuable.

Sample Book Marketing Proposal

Proposal submitted by: The Marketing Division of Swan Publishers, New York.

Name of the book: The Horrors of Auschwitz.

Author: Guido Santini

Year of publication and date of launch of publicity campaign: 20th June 2011

Our aims and objectives:

  • We believe that this book is an extremely interesting take on Holocaust literature and we realize the need for taking this book to the masses.
  • Despite being, in a sense, an academic work, this book will appeal to all sections of society still reeling under the effects of Second World War.
  • We have also worker with Dr. Santini before and he is one of the leading dissenting voices of today whose work must be read.

Our plans:

  • We plan to hold three major press conferences before the release of the book, inviting leading academics as well as voices that have been important in discussing the Holocaust over the years.
  • We plan to conduct tours of Auschwitz-Birkenau for selected people in order to create added interest

Estimated budget: $400000

Finalization of plans and preview of marketing campaign: 11th May 2011.

Contact us at: 73467346