A book proposal query letter is one which is sent by an amateur or professional author seeking a literary agent’s interest and hoping to publish his or her book. It must be neat and tidy and it must be to the point as well as clear and precise. It is the letter on the basis of which the literary agent may ask for a book proposal. Thus it is a crucial document and must be well crafted.

Sample Book Proposal Query Letter:


Harold Kennings

Literary Agent

Bandit Publishers

Subject: Book Proposal Query Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is my humble request to be considered for the publication of my latest book “Rivers of Blood” by your esteemed publishing house. I am extremely desirous of this honor as Bandit publishers is regarded as the best platform to launch a new work and I hope my book proposal query letter will evoke the necessary interest in your board members.

My book is about the Middle Passage when slaves from Africa were made to migrate to the New World in conditions that can only be described as monstrous. It charts this horrendous journey through the eyes of Jimoho, a young fifteen year old Nigerian boy, separated from his family and friends and forced to participate in what became the biggest forced migration in world history. The novel uses Jimoho’s voice for narration and it is a non-linear narrative pattern that I have chosen.

I hope you will reply favorably. I am waiting for your answer,

Thanking you,

Sarah Rogers

New York.

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