Ever brand name needs certain amount of marketing and advertising to promote itself and popularize itself in the market and among people/target audience. For this, it needs help and services of advertisers. To get business from clients, advertisers have to prepare business proposals which can be referred to as brand advertising proposal.

A brand advertising proposal is basically a formal proposal which lays down the details of the way in which the advertiser plans to advertise a brand. Given below is a sample of one such brand advertising proposal which you can refer to for help.

Sample Brand Advertising Proposal

Name of advertising company: Markson Advertising Company

Official company address: 345, Boulevard central, New York, USA

Contact email: marksonadvertising@gmail.com

Type of proposal: brand advertising proposal

Proposal prepared and presented by: Jessica Parker (Creative Head, Markson Advertising Company)

Client name: George Timothy

Client business name: Tim Jeans

Proposal submitted to client on: 1st May 2014

Proposal approved by: Jack Markson

Managing Director

Markson Advertising Company

Objective of proposal:

This proposal has been framed as per the requirements and specifications of the client and proposes brand advertisement of Tim jeans in New York. We aim to use different advertising methods like social networking ads, internet ads, Google Ads, hoardings, TV advertisements and newspaper advertisement to achieve desired aim.

Details of the proposal:

  • Considering the broad range of Tim Jean’s future plans, we plan to use effective Google ads and newspaper advertisements to grab the attention of the population of New York in the first phase of advertising.
  • The second phase will include hoardings, banners and social networking advertising.
  • TV ads and magazine ads shall soon follow, considering the rise in levels of popularity.
  • The advertisement campaign period is 1 year, until further contract terms.

Estimated cost of the advertising project: $60000

Estimated time for each phase: 4 months