Every brand needs to be advertised, promoted and managed well so as to keep up a good image in front of the public. For assisting on brand management, brand owners often hire brand consultants. Brand consultants are those experts who advice the brand on each major business decision it takes.

A brand consultant proposal is a proposal prepared by a brand consultant company to lay down the terms or details of the consulting services that it would like to offer to a client. These proposals are open to interpretation by the client and the last word is in the hand of the client. For your reference, a sample of a brand consultant proposal has been provided below.

Sample Brand Consultant Proposal

Name of consulting company: Jack Consulting Company

Address of consulting company: 123, Pullman road, New York, USA

Name of the brand: Shevi Jeans

Address of the brand office: west Square road, 345, New York, USA

Proposal prepared and presented by: Peter Bailey

Vice president, Jack Consulting Company

Proposal presented to: Kell Chandler

Owner, Shevi Jeans

Proposal core:

Jack consulting company proposes to offer brand management and brand promotion consulting services to Shevi Jeans for a yearly contract and within this period, we shall be assisting you on making major business decisions and brand promotion decisions in a way which is good for the future of the brand and its image in the market.

Details of the proposal:

  • Our consultants would be fully employed at your office and would take part in company meetings to put their point of perspective.
  • The consultants shall work 6 days of the week on the routine timings or other employees.
  • The total consultancy fee that we shall charge is $8000 for one year of consulting services.
  • You can hire 2-5 consultants for this task, depending on your need.