A brand design proposal is a document which outlines the manner in which a brand will be vested with its own brand name and value. It is a time consuming exercise and comes only with a lot of experience and success. Only a brand that has achieved a certain level of recognition can be said to have a brand value. However, once a brand achieves that level of success, maintaining and correctly positioning brand visibility is extremely important.

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Sample Brand Design Proposal:

Brand Design Proposal

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Name of company entrusted with the responsibility of creating a brand design proposal: Market Managers Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of brand design proposal: 1st July 2011

Name of company for which the brand design proposal has been created: Juno Sports Ltd.

Brand design proposal created by: Sarah Michelin of Market Managers Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of brand design proposal:

  • Juno Sports has established itself as one of the premier sports good companies of the country.
  • It is a reputed brand name now, and care must be taken to use the brand value intelligently to gain more exposure, and become of the leading forces in the world of sports. This can be done by adequate brand positioning.

Main tenets of the brand design proposal:

  • Our professionals will take charge of ensuring that the brand name is used correctly in ventures that will add to the glory of Juno Sports.
  • Brand placement is also an important consideration. We shall ensure that Juno Sports and its logo are visible in non-advertising mediums like cinema, music videos etc.