A brand marketing proposal is one which outlines and enlists detailed plans of marketing or pitching a certain brand to a selected clientele. It must be clear and thorough considering all factors that might influence the marketing and publicity of the brand. A brand must be packaged carefully as it is the first thing a customer is drawn to.

Sample Brand Marketing Proposal

Name of the brand: Hi tech Air Conditioners

Producer: Hi tech Group of Electronic Goods Pvt. Ltd.

Brand marketing proposal presented by: Simon Schuler, Head, Raymond Marketing Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of proposal: 3rd May 2011

Our purposes in building up this brand:

  • The Hi Tech Group is a reputed and well established company dealing in electrical goods for over fifty years. They have an enviable reputation and we aim, with our efforts, at maintaining this image.
  • The group has evolved with time and despite inflation and economic crises, has also admirably maintained consistency and affordability as far as prices are concerned.
  • We are proud to be associated with such a legendary
  • We are proud to be associated with such a reputed brand and we will ensure that it grows and reaches a wider audience.

Our charges for the year 2010-2011: $5837582 [Please read attached document for a detailed outline of charges]

Our core committee members consist of: Shelley Rosamund, Mark Jacobs and Robert Ridges.

We are looking forward to working with you soon. Thanking you,

Jason Klutz

Executive Director,

Raymond Marketing Agency Pvt. Ltd.