A bridge construction proposal is a document by which a bridge construction company approaches to its intended client and associates by presenting the layout of their plan. Such a proposal seeks enough transparency and clarity for future reference.

Sample Bridge Construction Proposal

Name of the construction company: Turbo Bridge and Road Constructors

Proposal presented by: Matthew Haden

Managing Director- Turbo Bridge and Road Constructors

Submitted on: 9th August 2011

Title: Proposal for Bridge Construction near Commercial Street of Minnesota

Objective intended to be achieved by this construction project:

  • Commercial Street of Minnesota is one of the congested roads in the city as lot of commercial shops and stores are settled there. In order to ease the traffic movement of this place the bridge would be effective.
  • The bridge will connect Dixon Lane and Sheffield Street which would help vehicles to move fast avoiding the traffic of the Commercial Street.
  • As this street is the major trading spot and heart of the city, therefore, this bridge would help the pedestrians to move freely along the street without the hassle of the vehicles moving beside them.

Work Plan to be Adapted:

  • Before commencing work on it, the construction company planned to go for a meeting with local municipal authorities and traffic police of that zone in order to discuss the pros and cons.
  • New techniques and methods would be implanted for the designing purpose of the bridge.

Total Cost estimated for the overall construction project: $50000-$60000 approximately

Timeline for the project completion: 19 months

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