A bridge funding proposal is a comprehensive document wrapping up a proposal for bridge construction in concrete terms. It must be given with the aim of garnering funds so that a bridge renovation can be smoothly executed for use by transporters in case there is a bridge requiring technical touch. The proposal should thus state the need and cost specifically.

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Sample Bridge Funding Proposal

Bridge Funding Proposal

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Name of the body: City Constructors

Date of establishment: 6th April, 2010

Nature of work: The crux of the work is based on upkeep of infrastructure safety for convenient use of roads, rails, bridges and communication means by commuters and vehicles. We are morally duty bound to instantly remove, repair and reconstruct a part that lies neglected or carries potential danger to passersby.

Proposal prepared by: Hans Hen, Technical Engineer

Proposal presented to: Infrastructure and Transportation Committee

Date of presentation of proposal: 5th January, 2011

Proposal description: We have sorted out the bridges lying unattended and weak for a long time and in this context we propose to repair them with your help. Hope you would provide us with the funds from the revenues collected as direct tax.

Objective: The wobbly condition of the bridges has prioritised the need for their replacement and renovation as soon as possible by efficient workforce and technical superintendence so that future motor accidents can be lowered and citizens of the nation are spared of nightmares.

Estimated number of bridges needing repair: 8

Estimated expenditure: Around $4, 00, 000

Estimated manual labour: Around 10, 000 labourers

Estimated time of completion of work: 2 years