A brief marketing proposal is one which outlines the plans in a concise manner through which a product or an idea or an organization will be marketed or publicized. In today’s age of competition, marketing creates the first and extremely significant impact of a product and thus a lot of time expenditure and energy must be invested in it. A brief marketing plan, as the name suggests, must be economical yet comprehensive.

Sample Brief Marketing Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Jason Longer, Head, Marketing Division, Sun Marketing Division Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of proposal: 13th June, 2011.

Outlines of the brief marketing proposal:

  • The marketing proposal for the products of Hygiene Disinfectants has been designed with a twofold objective in mind.
  • We intend to aggravate the visual and print media coverage of the products, which we find inadequate at the present state.
  • We also hope to provide customers with free pouches and sample packs to generate interest regarding the product.

Our previous noteworthy work: Glycol Chemicals, Mobiclub Stores, Jacobson and Bensen.

Our core committee consists of: Julian Day, Dick Roberts, and Robert Redford.

Estimated budget for the marketing campaign: $3440000 [Further notifications will be provided after contract is finalized provisionally or by some kind of an agreement]

Please read the enclosed document for a final understanding of terms and conditions.

Date of launch of campaign: 23rd June 2011.

Publicity campaign committee steered by: Karl Longer and Samantha Jacobs.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thanking you,

Jason Longer,


Marketing Division

Sun Marketing Division Pvt. Ltd.