A brochure design proposal is a document that includes detailed sketches of concepts that can act as a brochure to a company. These designs are made by expert technicians who are trained in this field. A proper brochure design is very essential in the sense that the design market is very volatile and the main interest of the consumer lies upon the advertisement that can attract him towards the concern matter.

You can Download the Free Brochure Design Proposal, customize it according to your needs and Print. Brochure Design Proposal is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Brochure Design Proposals:

Brochure Design Proposal

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Name of the Design Proposal: Sample Brochure Design Proposal for Elizabeth’s Designer Clothes.

Date of Submission of the Brochure Design Proposal: 18th August 2011

Design Proposal to be submitted to: Elizabeth Inc.

Design Proposal Submitted By: Beckham’s Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of Brochure Design Proposal:

  • This sample design is a kind of layout of the kind that we had previously discussed upon in our meeting on 14th August 2011
  • It contains a blueprint of the brochure to be published.
  • This proposal is for your consideration. Any change in the designing of the brochure shall be entertained and fixed upon.
  • The total cost of the Brochure Design will add up to $625 approximately
  • The final product is guaranteed to be published by the 15th of next month.

This brochure will be designed by our professional team consisting of designers named Mr. Garry Smith, Mr. Jeffrey Patterson, Ms Maria Annabel and Ms Anna Williams.

Please be free to clear any doubts and queries at 4525461.

We hope to get your response within 25th August 2011

Thanking You,

James Blyton

Creative Head

Beckham’s Pvt.  Ltd