A build lease proposal is a proposition which gives a description of the terms and conditions associated with the leasing of a building either for commercial or residential purposes. The proposal can be written by the landlord who proposes what the rent and other terms can be, or it can written on behalf of the tenant who describes how he is going to use the building and how much he can pay as rent. The proposal must mention the names, address of the two parties and also give the address of the building to be leased. Once the proposal is accepted by both the parties a formal legal agreement can be created.

Sample Build Lease Proposal:

Name of landlord: George Adams

Address: 939 Gibson Road, Ohio

Name of tenant: Don Lucas

Address: 392 Glade Avenue, Ohio

Address of building leased: 922 Glendale, Oho

Name of proposal: Proposal for lease of building for official purposes

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to inform the landlord about how the building will be used, how much rent the tenant is willing to pay and what terms and conditions must be followed by the parties

Details of Build Lease Proposal:

  • The building mentioned in the address above will be used as an office by the tenant
  • The tenant shall pay a monthly rent of $1000 plus utilities, besides paying a security deposit of $2000 to be returned at the end of the term
  • The term of the lease is 1 year