A business auto insurance proposal is a document which lays down the conditions and benefits of an auto insurance policy which covers business vehicles and employees who drive those insured vehicles for business purposes. There can be different types of business auto insurance proposals depending on the requirements of the client, the business operated and the owner of the vehicles. Business automobiles are mainly used for transport, carrying goods and equipment related to that particular business. A business auto insurance offer coverage of the vehicle in case there is any accident, attack or vandalism.

Sample Business Auto Insurance Proposal:

Name of agency: Mobile Insurance Firm

Address: 92 Riverview Drive, London

Business auto insurance proposal prepared on: December 2, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Bill Jones

Agent, Mobile Insurance Firm

Proposal submitted on: December 11, 2011

Proposal name: On the go policy

Purpose: The purpose of the business auto insurance proposal is to make an offer of a wide range of auto insurance policies which the client can choose from and is suitable for his business.

Details of Business Auto Insurance Proposal:

  • The proposal shall offer accident benefits coverage to the driver and family protection to other passengers in the vehicle related to the driver which shall include medical compensation and compensation for loss of income due to the accident
  • We also offer third-party liability coverage if the driver causes damage to another driver and his vehicle
  • We offer compensation for damages to the business vehicle due to any accident, vandalism or natural disaster.