A business case proposal is a document designed to lay down the details of a certain business project before investors, shareholders, influential clientele or companies and organizations interested in sponsoring the project or working in collaboration with the host organization. Such a proposal can also be prepared following the launch of a new product, to outline the details of the inception of the idea, methods included in manufacturing the product, distribution, marketing, etc. The case proposal is an important document for any business and should hence be prepared very carefully to include all relevant details.

Sample Business Case Proposal:



Henry & Rogers Company

Case No. 17

Project on:

Utilization of Solar Energy

Proposal prepared by: Henry Dan Brown and Stephanie Rogers

Date of submission of the proposal: 9th October, 2011


The primary objective of preparing this business case proposal is to keep a track of all the events in this project of utilization of the energy from sun. The project is crucial to our business and others who are involved, that is, our investors, research experts who have contributed with their ideas, etc. and thus a thorough record is to be maintained throughout the entire process of harnessing the solar energy and its applications.


  • Total number of employees: 45
  • Location: Fern Village, North California
  • Business strategies: The base of this whole business case is the utilization of solar energy to produce a number of products such as cookers, water heaters, dryers, car coolers, lamps, heat exchangers, etc. and sale them in the adjacent markets. Local employees are to be employed in the project, which will help in garnering larger profits at lower investments.
  • Estimated costs: $78000

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