The business collaboration proposal is an essential format that is followed by all companies both at inter and the intra organizational levels. Such a document provides the details of the partnership or collaboration of one company with another. The document should be created with great care and can be done so with the help of a professional expert.

Sample Business Collaboration Proposal:

The following Business Collaboration Proposal is being presented by Sun InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal by: Department of Human Resources (Sun Info Tech Pvt. Ltd.)

Name of Company (to be collaborated with): Ryan & Sons Software Ltd.

Date of submission of the business collaboration proposal: 30th October, 2011

Purpose of collaboration:

  • To expand the current market position of Sun InfoTech and target IT new available markets by acquiring new software technology from Ryan & Sons Software Ltd.
  • To increase sales of the new software developed by Ryan and Sons Software; this will be marketed by Sun Info Tech.

Use of web-based collaborative too: Min-site to promote the new products available.

Main Aims of the Business Collaboration Proposal:

  • The sales performance of Sun InfoTech Pvt. Ltd has been consistent for the past decade. This collaboration with new software technology will increase the sales by 10% and thus, increase profitability.
  • Sun InfoTech has the best marketing strategies that will ensure that the software products reach a wider market.

Sun InfoTech Pvt. Ltd requests Ryan and Sons Software to kindly approve the collaboration proposal by 6th December, 2011, so as to commence with the stated plans.