The business concept proposal is an effective tool used by both new and established businesses in order to present any of their new business concept(s) and proposing its need for practical implementation to the intended clients and prospects. It is a systematic way of evaluating the current status of the company and implementing new innovations to improve and promote the company’s mission. Hence, such a document must be created with professional care in order to ensure its maximum acceptance.

Sample Business Concept Proposal:

The following Business Concept Proposal is being presented to the Board of Directors, Miriam Electronics Ltd.

Business Concept Proposal created by: Mr. Ryan Golding, Managing Director in Miriam Electronics Ltd.

Date of submission of business concept proposal: 12th November, 2011

Basic Aim of Business Concept Proposal: This proposal seeks to implement a new sales strategy with the latest e-marketing tools available in the market. This will ensure a wider and global consumer market for the Miriam Electronics Ltd and help increase sales of the company.

Target market: Online consumer market

Main Objectives of the Business Concept Proposal:

  • The evaluation of the sales position of Miriam Electronics Ltd has revealed the need to implement latest technological innovation to connect with the new emerging markets.
  • The use of e-marketing tools will improve the profitability rate of this company and make it more widely recognized for its products and services.
  • The hiring of a reputed IT professional is needed who will ensure the correct marketing strategies are being incorporated.

Mr. Ryan Golding requests the Board of Directors to approve this proposal by 13th December, 2011 for immediate action to take place.


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