Business consulting proposals are documents which are written to present before a company seeking consultancy services, the advantages offered by a particular consultancy agency. They must be written with a view to emphasizing the benefits offered by the agency.

Sample Business Consulting Proposal

Name of the company: Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Our motto: To provide comprehensive business solutions for our clients.

Documents enclosed with consulting proposal: Our business consulting proposals is supplemented by a slideshow/ presentation detailing the capacity of the agency, as the proposal itself has been kept short and precise.

Our resources as a consultancy company: We work with a core team of experts in various fields who have had years of experience as well as impeccable references. We, as a consulting agency, are providing an outline of our technical and personnel resources in order to assure competence in handling large volumes of work.

Project-in-charge, if granted contract: Joshua Symons and Julie Andrews

Our objectives through this proposal: To show our preparedness for any contingency including technical glitches and troubleshooting exercises. We also hope to capitalize on our previous experience in consultancy matters. Reference letters are enclosed with the business consulting proposal.

Fees: We intend to charge $1500 per month till end of contract, after which decisions will be reconsidered. We ensure transparency at all costs in business deals. Our business consulting proposal is no exception.

We hope to hear from you soon regarding our proposal. We can be contacted at:

Thanking you,

Arthur Wallace,

Executive Director

Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.