A business contract proposal is an agreement about the basic details of a business establishment. The terms and conditions of the business, the salient features, and the stakeholders in the business are details, which must be incorporated in a business contract proposal. A business contract proposal must be absolutely clear and it is legally binding so it must be checked and rechecked before the dotted line is signed.

Sample Business Contract Proposal

Business contract number: 3476347

The following business contract is a statement of intent as well as a declaration of the details of the business transaction between Paper Craft Stationery [Henceforth referred to as A] and Standard Printers [Henceforth referred to as B]. The terms included are as follows:

  1. A shall supply B with premium A4 and A5size paper for a year, starting 1st may 2011. The contract is valid till 30th April 2012, upon which it will be renewed.
  2. Payment: An advance of $500 has been made to A on the 24th of April, 2011. The cheque number is 3743477347. The remaining $500 will be paid after the final consignment is delivered.
  3. In case of any breach of terms and conditions, either part can take legal action. This contract is legally binding.

Date of business contract: 25th April, 2011.

Signing of contract presided over by: Jason Roberts and Nicholas Damien.

We wish both parties success in all endeavors and hope for a fruitful working relationship.


  • John Monroe, Head-Supplies Division, Paper Craft Stationery
  • Jacob Tonson, Acting Chief, Standard Printers.