A business cover letter proposal, as the term clearly implies, is an official letter given by any business firm to some individual, company representative, or any other business organization, for some definite purpose related to the business. The proposal, being of a cover letter format, has to be written very carefully and accurately such that no information is hidden from the party to whom the letter has been subject to. Business firms often hire experts to frame such documents, but one can easily cut down costs by preparing the cover letter proposal according to set samples.

Sample Business Cover Letter Proposal:


Ms. Serena Theresa

Managing Head – HR Department

John Parker Companies Pvt. Ltd

15, Hastings Street, London

Date: 15th October, 2011

Sub: Proposal for ensuring Employee Rights

Dear Miss Theresa,

We present before you our proposal to ensure human rights to the employees of your company. As you must be knowing, ours is an organization that works for the rights of individuals at any and all levels of the society. We have thoroughly read the advertisement given by John Parker Companies Pvt. Ltd on the 13th of October, 2011 regarding involving an agency to look after employee issues and have written to you after careful consideration of all aspects.

We would like to take up the offer and provide you with a certain code that will safeguard employee rights. Our workers will also conduct programs to make the employees aware of their rights and duties as well. It will be our responsibility to take care that there are no unnecessary demands by the employee union and all projects are executed in a peaceful manner.

We are eagerly looking forward to your response.

Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Peterson

General Manager

Organization for Human Rights