The business development consulting proposal is created in order to hire the business consultant for the purpose of bringing improvement in performance and profitability. The document highlights the need for professional consulting in order to ensure that the company follow the latest market trends and improve its sales performance. The document, thus, must be organized and emphasize the need to develop the business and hire a business consultant for creating proper planning methods.

Sample Business Development Consulting Proposal:

The Business Development Consulting Proposal is being made to the Board of Directors, Solaris Power Co.

Business Development Consulting proposal created by: Mr. Fielding, CEO of Solaris Power Co.

Name of Business Consulting Firm to be hired: Perchance Development Ltd.

Date of submission of proposal: 30th November, 2011

Nature of the business development consulting proposal: The Solaris Power Co. needs to create a new business model according to the latest emerging trends in the market. For this, the company requires hiring Perchance Development Ltd for strategizing and creating new sales plans for the overall development and improvement of the company sales performance.

Aims of Business Development Consulting Proposal:

  • Solaris Power Co. needs to implement a newer sales plan and product promotion to reach the newest emerging consumer markets.
  • The Perchance Development Ltd provides highly qualified market researchers for the purpose of designing the appropriate sales model according to the research provided.
  • The company also must reach a wider market forum to increase profitability. The appropriate marketing tools to be used will be rendered by the Perchance Development Ltd.

Mr. Fielding requests the Board of Directors to accept the proposal by 13th January, 2011.