A business event proposal, as the term clearly implies, is an official document that proposes the possible type and nature of a business event and the specific ways of its effective methods of execution. The proposal should thus contain suggestive details on the possible ways of conducting an event and making it a success from the business point of view. The proposal must be framed with clear details of the event design, primary objective, target audience, operational features and aspects, approximate costs of conducting the event, and such other factors that generally determine the functioning of a business event.

Sample Business Event Proposal

Proposal for the event: General Business Meet, 2012-13

Proposal to: R.V Organizers, Greater London, U.K

Proposal designed by:

Mark Stewart

Emily Rogers

Fred John

[Team members for the design of the event and its execution]

Team Leader: Matthew Higgins

Proposal supervised and approved by:

Markus Geller

Executive Director

London House of Event Management


Proposal framed on: 27th March, 2012

Key details of the business event proposal:

  • The General Business Meet, 2012-13 can be held for a maximum span of three days, most effectively during the months of July, August, and September.
  • It should be conducted somewhere around Central London, due to obvious reasons of easy and smooth transportation from almost all places.
  • The event being a business meet, it is extremely essential for the sponsors to take care of the budget and other related factors.
  • Important and proficient business houses and businessmen must be cordially invited.
  • Seminars and workshops, even if for short intervals, must be conducted on various important aspects of business.
  • Successful businessmen and representatives from firms must provide essential ideas on related subjects, which can be made possible only if they are approached for the event beforehand.

Estimated budget for the event: $1,15,000 [division of costs have been provided in details later]