Whenever a business plans to expand itself and its range of products or services, the process isn’t easy and simple. In such a case, senior level officials need to create plans and proposals for expansion and submit it to the concerned authorities for their approval and these types of proposal are known as  business expansion plan proposal. A sample of one such business expansion plan proposal is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Business expansion plan proposal:

Name of the business firm: Jackson IT Company

Address of the business firm: A-56, second floor, Peterson tower, J bridge, London

Business expansionPlan Proposal prepared on: 9th September 2014

Proposal prepared by: Peter Markson

Senior Business Manager

Jackson IT Company

Proposal submitted on: 11th September 2014

Proposal signed and approved by: Kell Jackson

Managing Director


As discussed at the annual business meeting, Jackson IT Company needs to expand itself in order to tap the market potential in areas surrounding London. For this, we will need to open up atleast 3 more service branches for our products and services. Through this proposal, we plan a way to do so within the period of next 1 year.

Details of business plan proposal:

  • We will need to figure out the 3 regions where we would be able to attract maximum number of customers for our products and areas in which the demand for servicing of the IT products is maximum.
  • The construction for these service centers must start within the next 2 months and should be done simultaneously.
  • We plan to open the branches in September next year.
  • We shall be employing atleast 50 more service professionals and managers to run these branches in the three regions.

Estimated cost of expansion: $10000

Expected growth: 15%