The business meeting proposal letter is constructed for the purpose of initiating a meeting that will deal with a specific matter related to a company. This meeting proposal can be created by an employee of the company or also by an applicant looking for employment or also by another company for a specific purpose. Irrespective of the purpose, such a letter must be organized and must state clearly the objectives, reason etc of the meeting. Such meetings bring relevant issues to the forefront so that the company is able to deal with it in a systematic manner. Hence, this needs to be done periodically. However, an approval is required since the Board of Directors or whoever is in charge must measure the importance and relevance of such a meeting.

Sample Business Meeting Proposal Letter



Mr. Byron John

Washington Post

12, Tasso Lane,

Washington DC, Washington- 1122

Sub: To organize a meeting about a new column in the paper.

Dear Mr. John,

I have been a part of your esteemed newspaper for almost 7 years now and would like to suggest one particular addition to be made to it. I feel there is a need to create a column specifically for self-help. There has been a recent dip in the sales of the newspapers and I feel, this is mainly due to the lack of contact we have with our readers.

I, therefore, propose a meeting where we can discuss how to implement this column and which psychiatrist we should hire for the purpose of writing and responding to the readers.

Hoping for a positive response and meeting with you soon,


Rod Steinbeck,

Supplement Editor.