A business partnership proposal is a document that is generally prepared by a certain business firm and is then presented before another business organization for collaborating a specific business venture. The objectives of the partnership deal and, most importantly, the benefits offered to the partner firm are to be stated clearly, so that there remain no future obligations. The proposal has to be framed wisely enough to ensure the host business organization does not lose its focus and market status once the partner organization starts functioning alongwith.

Sample Business Partnership Proposal:

This business partnership proposal has been prepared by Health Care Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd. and is being presented before Good Life Medical Stores, whom we would like to collaborate with us in the mission of offering the best medicines to everybody who needs them.

Company overview:

Health Care Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd is a renowned organization and has been established in the business of pharmacy since 1980. We have made a special place in the business and are known for producing such effective pharmaceutical products that our clients have eventually placed the ultimate trust on us, which we try to live up to with each passing day and through all our discoveries.

Objective of the business partnership proposal:

Our area of expertise is definitely the production of medicines and drugs, not their sale. But the products have to be sold to ensure they fulfill the actual purpose they have been designed for. Hence, to reach out to all individuals who need them, we have decided to strike a partnership deal with Good Life Medical Store, who would sell these pharmaceutical products that we manufacture.


We ensure our partner with the following benefits:

  • Half of the business profits that we garner
  • 50% market shares
  • Better image due to collaboration with a renowned pharmacy firm

We have been thoroughly impressed with the nature of business conducted by Good Life Medical Stores and would thus like to confirm this partnership deal.