A business plan loan proposal is a proposal made by a prospective borrower to the prospective lender. When the prospective lender is interested to offer loan based upon the prospective borrower’s history and credentials, the prospective borrower makes this proposal.

In this proposal the prospective borrower specifies the information regarding the loan amount, collateral if any, prospective borrower’s previous financial statements and details etc. After scrutinizing the proposal the prospective lender agrees to grant loan to the prospective borrower. A sample of the proposal is given below for reference.

Sample Business Plan Loan Proposal

Prospective Lender: Fredrick Alan and company

Address of Prospective Lender: Knights Bridge, tower 2, UK.

Prospective Borrower: Thomas Floorings

Address of the Prospective Borrower: Clerkenwell road, UK.

Date of the Proposal: 1st March 2013

Company Brief :

Our company is in the flooring business for past 6 years. We are skilled in identifying the right floors and laying them accordingly at a good price. We want to broaden our business and establish a company of our own taking orders of more than £1000.

Business Objectives :

  • Our business focuses on quality service and prompt completion of the work undertaken at any point of time.
  • We aim to offer latest designs patterns and provide our clients with the type of flooring that suits them the most on the basis of the pre-inspection undertaken.
  • We are looking for the expansion of our business, and improve the reach ability and export new models through a well connected transport system.

Loan Details :

We would like to get a credit of £10000. We would like to pay on a monthly interest basis.

Repayment :

Repayment will be done within 2 years, sooner with increase in the profitability margin.

Collateral :

We are willing to pledge the company property as collateral worth £9000 when the loan is approved.