A business plan proposal is a document that contains information regarding the recent plan(s) of a certain business project, which is to be implemented or launched in the near future. Any business initiative requires a thorough planning procedure to ensure proper evaluation of the pros and cons of the respective scheme and then go on with the actual realization of the project. The business plan is proposed for approval by higher authorities of business before starting it and the document should hence be crisp, complete, and suggestive of the significant ideas of the respective project.

Sample Business Plan Proposal:

Name of the business firm: Genuine Leathers Pvt. Ltd

Address: 16, Gibson Road, New Jersey

Business Plan Proposal prepared on: 17th November, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Jimmy Rogers

Head of the Research and Development department

Genuine Leathers Pvt. Ltd

Proposal submitted on: 25th November, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: Steve Mark Johannson

Managing Director

Genuine Leathers Pvt. Ltd

Purpose: The primary purpose of framing this business plan proposal is to present a sample figure of the actual project that is to be executed. We have planned of designing clinically proven and effective shoes for patients who suffer from various problems such as foot sores, waist pain, walking problems, etc.

Details of business plan proposal:

  • We will start the project of designing a range of clinically effective shoes from the 1st of January, 2012.
  • The shoes will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of which will be specially designed to fulfill the comfort level of the targeted customers.
  • The launch of this new range of shoes will be preceded by a conference wherein we will have doctors and experts who will speak on the issue and audience who will be benefitted from it.

Estimated cost of the project: $140000

Proposal costs: $45,000