A business product proposal is proposition made by a company to sell one its products to a prospective client with the aim of boosting its business or for mutual profits. Any product which is sold by the company is part of a business transaction. A business product proposal must include the features of the product so that the client knows what to expect and how the product will be beneficial to the company. It must also mention the funds required to develop and launch the product. There must also be an analysis of the target consumer segment and the other competitors in the market in this section.

Sample Business Product Proposal:

Name of company: Safety Locks

Address: 35 Richmond Road, Denver

Proposal prepared on: December 21, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Jason Adams

Sales Manager, Safety Locks

Proposal submitted on: December 27, 2011

Proposal name: Development of new and improved locks and alarm systems

Product description: The product will have both traditional tried and tested methods of security as well the latest technology to make it safe and use-friendly

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is highlight the features of the product and the stages of development

Target market segment: Middle class

Competitors: The biggest competitors in this section are New Age Locks and Gonzales Alarms

Other details: In the first stage extensive testing will be done on the product and then it will be offered to select sample consumers to get their response before the final launch

Estimated cost of the project: $100,000

Proposal signed and approved by: Mario Jacobs

Marketing Head, Safety Locks