A business proposal for an employment agency as the name suggests is the proposal type where in one business entity is proposing a business option/ idea to an already existent employment agency. The purpose of the proposal will be met only when the document is prepared according to format that highlights the positives and makes a convincing argument in favour of the proposed matter. A sample of the document is given below for the reference of all in need.

Sample Business Proposal for Employment Agency:

Presentation Date: 14th May 2013

Presented By: Mr. Julian Leroy

Project Head, Business Operations Division.

Addressed Official Name: Mr. Kris Harmon

Addressed Organisation Name: Gilbert & Kayla Employment Agency, New Jersey

The Statement:

The proposal is meant to present to the addressee a business idea for their already well established business. To formally present the proposition, we would like to launch a new employment agency in collaboration with your organisation in the New York City, US.

Reason for collaboration:

  • We have been looking for an opportunity to enter the New York employment scene for some time now but we needed a worthy partner with adequate experience to take on the major city.
  • We have arranged for the finances that will be needed for the launch of a new collaboration in the city.
  • A collaboration will of our business sense, finances and you experience is expected to give us an edge to sustain in the completive world.

Other Details:

  • We have already shortlisted a few office spaces in New York, and have started the basic of the registration process.
  • The collaboration will be a partnership with the proportion of ownership division dependant on the amount of capital investment.

A lot of other details will go into implementing this business idea, but progress can be made beyond this point only if the proposal is accepted.