A business proposal form is a layout which is presented by a seller to a prospective customer for carrying out any business deals further. The proposal form serves as an important instrument in dealing with the entire sales process. It gives the first impression regarding the company making the business deal and thus it must be designed professionally yet courteously.


Sample Business Proposal Form

Name of the company presenting the proposal _______________________________________________________________________


Proposal Submission date ___________________


This business proposal has been made for the early approval of intended clients or customers for its new product_________________________________________________________________


Attractive features of the latest product that is to be launched ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Effectiveness of the latest product than the previous ones_________________________________________________________________


Improvement made ________________________________________________________________________


Expectation from this product_________________________________________


Intended clients or customers _________________________________________


How the intended clients would be benefited by utilizing this latest product?



Initial Cost of the Product including taxes______________________


The task of regulating the sales and marketing for this latest product has been given to ____________________________________________________.


The advertising programs for this latest product would be regulated through ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Last date of submitting the names for sales and marketing, advertisement regulation is _________________ [please take a note that after this date no advertising or marketing companies would be allowed to undertake these certain tasks]


Date of product launch _______________________________


Last date of proposal acceptance ________________________ [Please take a note after this stipulated date the proposal acceptance would no longer be effective]


For further details or any clarification, contact undersigned person


Contact person name __________________

Contact details ________________