A business proposal letter is a document which presents the various aspects of a business deal. It is presented by a company or an organization hoping to secure a contract, to the company offering it. It forms the first impression of the company looking to bag a deal and hence it must be framed courteously yet professionally, dealing with all the contentious issues.

Sample Business Proposal Letter


The Executive Director

Jonson’s Beauty Products

Respected Sir,

We, the Global Marketing Corporation, present this business proposal letter to you in response to your tender (number 47343). You seek an organization to take care of the marketing division of your new line which is a range of skincare products.

Our company was established ten years ago and since then we have become a force to reckon with. We have attached a comprehensive outline of the exact steps we are going to take if this contract is awarded to us in the form of an audio visual presentation. We believe that our experience in handling similar projects and our human and technical resourced equip us sufficiently for its completion. We charge $10000 for the entire operation inclusive of all costs.

We hope to hear from you soon. We will indeed be the greater beneficiary from this association and we can only hope that you will consider us worthy enough to handle this prestigious project. We have presented a brief profile of our company in the hope that you will consider us suited for this offer.

Thanking you

Sarah Mitchell

Global Marketing Corporation

4th March, 2011