A business proposal template is a written format which is made keeping in mind the structure of any business proposal. Such templates contain the main points along with blank spaces that are left for people to fill in the personal details. Such templates help to save time because they are easily customisable. A business proposal template also give a clear idea of how any business proposal should be framed and what all points must be included in it.

Sample business proposal template:

Name of company: ________________________________

Date of business proposal: ________________________

Overview of Company:

___________________________________________ [Give a brief about the company’s history and the relevance of the company in the kind of business that has been proposed in the following lines]

Proposal designed by: _________________________________ [Fill in the name of the department or person who has designed the proposal]

Proposal name: ________________________________________ [Fill in the name of the proposal]

Objectives of the proposal:

  1. [Fill in the various aims and objectives that are supposed to be achieved through this business proposal in points]
  2. _______________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________ Etc…

Estimated total costs involved in the execution of the proposal $___________ [Mention the estimated or approximate cost that will be used to complete the business if implemented]

Estimated duration of the business, if implemented _____________months/years [Mention the time period]

The reason why this business proposal shall benefit the company as well as it clients:

  1. [Fill in those reasons because of which this business proposal shall be useful and profitable for the users, clients and the company in points.]
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________



[Signature of the proposal designer]