A business report proposal is a document prepared for business purposes, to present the true nature and exact details of certain business policies – products and/or services, on the basis of reports of sales, marketing, etc., to help the firm or company improve profits. This type of a proposal is generally prepared after careful study and analysis of reports, to help improve certain characteristics and factors of business. Hence, the proposal must be framed in a way that pertains to the features presented by the corresponding business report.

Sample Business Report Proposal

Proposal prepared by: Union Scholastics, New York, U.S

Report Proposal based on: Annual Sales Report, March – September, 2012

Proposal sent to: ReadForAll Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal drafted on: 16th December, 2012

Proposal in brief: We propose the complete involvement of students, from high school to postgraduate and higher levels, in regular business strategies and related areas of profit making.

Salient features of the proposal:

  • This proposal has been drafted after thoroughly understanding and surveying all parameters and details presented in the annual report of sales for the bi-annual period of March – September, 2012.
  • Our company officials have noted down the most important details of the last 10 years’ business reports of your firm and has determined students [at all levels] to be the most important factor that determines profit for ReadForAll Companies Pvt. Ltd.
  • The proposal would thus entail all possible details of execution and the corresponding effects, with provision of estimates of profit [mention extensively in the following sections].
  • This proposal has been approved of by our team members and the Executive Head, Mr. J. Leslie.

Business Report Proposal Statistics:

% Increase in Sales – minimum 17% to maximum 54%

Units – 15,000 to as high as 87,500

% Increase in Profits – minimum 31% to maximum 75%

Amount – $4500 to as high as $13500