A business services proposal is an official document prepared by a company or firm and submitted to another organization [profit-making or non-profit-making] or given by one department of a firm to another department, containing plans and suggestions of all possible services that could be provided from a business point of view to prospective clients. The format of this type of a proposal must be such that it can properly highlight the key services and their purpose, advantages, corresponding costs, and other factors that affect the business providing the corresponding services.

Sample Business Services Proposal:

Title of proposal: “After Sales Servicing of Kitchen Chimneys”

Date of submission of proposal: 27th January, 2013

Proposal prepared by: National KitchenWares, Chicago, U.S

Signatories: Mark Jacob, Marketing Head [National KitchenWares]

Christine Mary Williams, HR Manager [National KitchenWares]

Peter Anthony, Manager – Research and Development [National KitchenWares]

Frank Joseph, Executive Director [National KitchenWares]

Proposal sent to: Cookmaster Companies, New York, U.S

Proposal overview: This business service proposal has been drafted keeping in mind the important aspect of “customer satisfaction”. We believe that the best way to expand business and make maximum profits is by knowing the clientele properly and providing them with the best-quality services. Hence, we have come up with this particular proposal by which we aim to provide the buyers of your company’s kitchen chimneys with a facility to have 3-4 servicing done during the first year of purchase, at a flat discount of 75%.

We have conducted a thorough research for this plan and have found that it will not hamper sales or profits even in the worst cases, whereas may increase sales by 40-65% and profits by 50-78% in the average and best cases.

Resources required for the business service:

  • Advertisement of the exact service to be provided and their proper distribution in local as well national media centers, such as television, radio, newspapers, internet, and certain magazines, movies, etc.
  • Proper marketing of the product and spreading information of the service among dealers and distributors.
  • Pamphlets that present the nature and description of the service.
  • Seminars and workshops at target markets and companies that have an impact on the sale of Kitchen Chimneys.