A business sponsorship proposal is a kind of a proposal which is formed by an individual, entity or event organizer so as to convince another company or entity to act as a sponsor for a project, event or in general.  Such sponsorship proposals lay down the details of the benefits which the company can avail by acting as a sponsor and also gives the information about the sponsorship amount and terms etc.

After receiving the proposal, it is up to the company to either accept it or reject it. Given below is a sample of business sponsorship proposal which can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Business Sponsorship Proposal

Name of the event organizer-Timothy Fundraiser

Address of the event: R-90, Friends Street, London

Event date: 4th May 2014

Business sponsorship proposal prepared on:  10th April 2014

Business sponsorship proposal presented on: 15th April 2014

Proposal prepared and presented by: Bill Brown, Event organizer, Timothy Fundraiser

Proposal presented to: Robert Cavalla, Jackson Enterprises, London

Sponsorship objective: this is a business sponsorship proposal which has been framed with the aim of requesting you to sponsor our upcoming event which is a fundraiser for the flood victims of the recent UK floods. The fundraiser is aimed to collect as much charity money as possible for those who lost their homes and family to the flood

Details of business sponsorship proposal:

  • If you agree to be a main sponsor for the event, you will have to invest an amount of $5000 for the event and arrange 10 gift items for the highest charity donators on the day of the fundraiser.
  • Your company’s hoardings and banner would be put up across the city as well at the event venue and you shall be the guest of honor on the day of the fundraiser.
  • To accept the proposal, kindly contact us and seal the terms.