A business strategy consulting proposal is one that is offered to a company for advising on various strategies of business. The proposal has to revolve around the different kinds of business strategies that will be consulted on apart from the cost and duration of consultancy provided. The proposal should be written in a formal and professional manner.

Sample Business strategy consulting proposal

Name of the company offering business strategy consultancy – Wilding Associates

Communication address of the company – #21, Derby, London, DE21

Contact number of the company – 112-223-3334

Contact person in the company – Mr. Vicky Anthony

Designation of contact person – Key business strategy analyst

Summary of company –

Our company is one of the top rated business strategy consultants in Derbyshire. We have a team of experienced top notch officials working in our company who have an average experience of over fifteen years in business analysis. Our mission is to work towards identification of client needs and work towards providing client satisfaction at all times. Our company aims to provide the best solutions in implementation of business strategy that bring a turnaround in the growth of any organization.

Summary of services –

We offer a host of consultancy services in business strategy area which involves the following –

  1. We offer strategic business solutions for all kinds of companies such as small, medium and large entrepreneurs.

  2. We provide consultancy in areas associated with business strategic planning, employees advisory and counseling, planning for sales pitching, process of accountability of employees, professional development of employees and lastly the most important leadership counseling.

  3. We also provide market analysis and strategic planning measures which the company has to undertake in order to implement a good business strategy that offers future success.

Business Strategy Consultancy charges –

Our company has very modest goals and therefore charges a reasonable consultancy fees of 4000 pounds only per annum.