A business strategy proposal is a document prepared by professionals for strategy-making purpose of a business. That is, to plan out effective and the maximum profitable business policies to be adopted. The content of the proposal must include a formal draft of all the feasible strategies that could be adopted by the particular business and corresponding details of the strategy, such as its nature and objective, impact, target clients, approximate costs of production and marketing, advertisement and miscellaneous expenses related to the business strategy, etc.

Sample Business Strategy Proposal

Proposal drafted by: M. Peterson, Team Leader [Economic T.V sets Project]

Company Electronics, New York

Proposal sanctioned by: J. L. Steve, Executive Head

Company Electronics, New York

Date of submission of proposal: 26th January, 2013

Proposal sent to: StarElectro Distributors

Purpose of the proposal: To provide an effective business strategy to garner more profits without comprising on quality or client support. In fact, the proposal has been designed so as to expand the clientele base.

Key features of the proposal:

  • To increase availability of the COMPANY SPECIAL K995 TELEVISION among all groups of people in the society by reducing extra costs to help reduce the maximum retail price.
  • To design the said T.V set with the necessary facilities and specifications for the most common uses.
  • To help publicize the product among all, in a convincing manner, through promotions that reaches out to the common people as well and can be related with their needs as well as comfort.
  • To generate maximum possible profits by guaranteeing customers with high quality product at affordable rates.

Estimated costs: $680 [manufacturing costs]

$150 [marketing and advertisement costs]

$95 [miscellaneous expenses]

Target of the business strategy: To reach out to the targeted clientele in ample amounts, by June, 2013, as the proposed strategy is expected to raise profits by a minimum of 35%.