A business to business sales proposal is an official request made by a private individual or company to another company specializing in a certain task. The former proposes to work with the latter when the former is not willing to set up an industry and recruit laborers as the procedure entails a lot of hassles.

Sample Business to Business Sales Proposal

Name of the company: Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals

Purpose behind the proposal: Your pharmacy has achieved international acclaim for quality medicines in such short duration. We hope to contribute to your success by our company’s expertise in drug and chemistry.

Our company profile: Our Company has professionalized the field of medicine invention since the last 20 years. We devise medicines with advanced formula that leave no side effects. We produce medical items with such precision that these facilitate the surgeons’ operations. Doctors and nurses fall back on medicines formulated by our company and prescribe the use of cotton, bandages and plasters that we sell in the market.

Motive: We intend to sell our formulae to your company so that the conceived chemical bonds are materialized into effective medicines. Since we have come up with some new palliatives for diseases like cancer and AIDS, we plan to hook up with your organization and make full use of the invention in exchange for a sales percentage.

Achievement: We have been awarded the Greatest Achiever of the Year 2010 Award by the Medical Board for our outstanding contribution to the society.

Hope, you too would be equally interested in accepting this proposal.

Gella Heider,

Head Pharmacologist

Ford Pharmacy Consultants