A cancer research proposal is a document which proposes to conduct a cancer research. Cancer researches are done by established doctors who approach a hospital for assistance with money and equipments. These are expensive affairs and must be done with vigilance because any experiment that goes wrong would cost the life of a patient.

Sample Cancer Research Proposal

Name of the organization: State Cancer Research Institute

Address: 76, Forlorn Road, Hyderabad, India

Year of foundation: 1590

Proposal given by: Dr. Shankar Bhave

Educational qualification: MD (Cambridge University, UK)

Motto: As a doctor and a responsible citizen, I want to carry out expansive and elaborate researches on cancer, cancerous substances, items carrying carcinogenic compounds, treatment procedures, consequences of radiation therapy and their side effects. These are conducted with the aim of devising improved and state of the art equipments. With these we aspire to attain our sole motive that is to reduce the pain and increase the longevity of cancer patients if not cure them completely.

Subject of proposal: I want to start a research to identify and isolate the food products that carry carcinogenic ingredients or high risk materials. Hope your organization would carve out this scope for me to help the society and eradicate cancer which is a bane. I am keen on starting it soon with the help of your organization. Below I have given a list of the essentials of carrying out such a research:

  • Approximate expense of the research: $50000
  • Approximate time to complete the research: 4 months to 4 years depending on the research proceedings.